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“I’ve seen Randy take on any number of challenges and advance a strong vision for addressing them. He has done the difficult work of shoe-leather community engagement, coalition building, and organizing. We need people on the Council with his sensibilities and skills, people who are grounded in our communities, who will never lose touch with them, and who will work collaboratively with them on issues from schools to housing and everything in-between. 

I strongly endorse Randy Downs in the general election for D.C. Council in Ward 2. This election is exceptional; the District faces its most challenging set of circumstances in a generation and I’m proud to be able to support candidates like Randy that I know will rise to the occasion.”

Patrick Kennedy
Former Democratic Candidate to Represent Ward 2 & Current Foggy Bottom Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner

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“Randy has been a pillar of the Dupont community, working to clean up our neighborhood, to create opportunities for new businesses to flourish, and to preserve and improve green space across the Ward,” said Jacobson. “As an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, Randy has developed the relationships throughout the Ward and within the District government necessary to hit the ground running on Day 1 as our Councilmember. As a lifelong Democrat, I’m thrilled to be able to vote for Randy as my Councilmember for Ward 2 on November 3.”

Jack Jacobson
Ward 2 State Board of Education Representative


As the Chair of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2B, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Randy and seeing first hand his natural ability to bring people together to get things done for the community.

We’ve worked through initiatives that faced many challenges. Through it all, Randy found a way to build consensus with poise and determination. He’s the leader with the right experience and knowledge of the issues facing the Ward that we need right now. I’m proud to endorse Randy Downs for Ward 2 Councilmember”

Daniel Warwick
Chair of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2B, Dupont Circle

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“I know Randy as a community-focused public servant. When a major proposal came up in Dupont Circle, he did the ground work, going door to door getting feedback from residents and businesses to ensure everyone was included and informed.

Randy has extensive knowledge of the most important issues in DC – including current legislation involving transportation, housing, budget and human rights. Randy has the trust and respect of Ward 2 residents and I’m excited to endorse him for Ward 2 Councilmember”

Nicole McEntee
Former Chair of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2B, Dupont Circle

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“I am happy to endorse Randy Downs for Ward 2 Councilmember. As a former Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, I know he is capable of the representation, leadership, and values for new, bold leadership and ethical path for Ward 2.

Our future is filled with challenges; Randy is ready to accept them.”

Detrick Campbell
Former Foggy Bottom Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner

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“Randy has been a champion in the fight to expand safe infrastructure that keeps people alive. He’s been a strong partner to Foggy Bottom and the West End in those efforts and his commitment to building a connected, protected cycling network is crystal clear. Lives are at stake and we need Randy on the Council to fight for us.”

James Harnett
Chair of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2A, Foggy Bottom


“Randy Downs is, hands down, the most experienced candidate in the Ward 2 Council race. He has tirelessly worked for Ward 2 residents, and I look forward to what he will accomplish on the Council. I hope neighbors will join me in voting for Randy Downs for Ward 2 Councilmember.”

Aaron Landry
Dupont Circle Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner


“Randy has the mind of an environmentalist, the demeanor of a negotiator, and the heart of a community advocate. His ease of working collegially with fellow Commissioners, DC officials, residents, and business owners is evident in the problems he’s been able to solve and the work he’s accomplished.

Randy is always open to listening and balancing neighbor priorities. He will do a great job representing Ward 2 on the DC Council.”

Beverly Schwartz
Dupont Circle Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner

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“Randy was one of the first commissioners I met when I started being involved with local politics. To see an out and proud queer commissioner building community consensus toward a positive direction is exciting. I have seen just how deeply Randy cares about the neighborhood, and I am excited to see him become the Councilmember for Ward 2.

Matthew Sampson
Dupont Circle Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner


“Randy’s experience working with DC government agencies and across the ward on issues ranging from small business viability to accessible transportation is invaluable. His commitment to community engagement on these issues sets him apart from the other candidates.

I am proud to support Randy as our next Ward 2 Councilmember.”

Amy Johnson
Former Dupont Circle Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner

Business Leaders

“The Hotel Tabard Inn is thrilled to endorse Randy Downs for Ward 2 Councilmember. Randy has been a staunch supporter of the Tabard over the years. He was very helpful in the resurfacing of the back alley behind the Tabard and was also instrumental in the development of strEATeries which many restaurants have come to rely on so heavily in order to keep their doors open. Randy has also shown the compassionate side of leadership, often stopping by the Tabard to say hello, asking for additional ways in which he can continue to assist local businesses and to ask leadership for other ways he can evoke change.”

Daniel Bushey
Director of Catering & Community Liasion, The Hotel Tabard Inn

“Randy has helped us out immensely. He has helped us get this strEATery open, he’s helped us maintain employment, and frankly, I don’t know where we’d be if he hadn’t helped us so much.”

Jamie Branda
Owners, Floriana Restaurant

“Randy was really here for our community and our business when the pandemic hit. He helped us navigate the sometimes, often, complicated systems of the government. He helped us get permits, and understanding rules and regulations.”

Georgia Katinas
General Manager, Annie’s Steakhouse

“This pandemic has been pretty rough, but we are so lucky he has been on our side[…] When elected he will be the only openly queer member of the DC council.”

Jessie Jackson
General Manager, JR’s Bar

“We are big fans of Randy. He is a great advocate for the neighborhood, and for the community itself.”

Mehtap Demirci
General Manager, Agora DC Restaurant

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“Randy has been actively supporting local businesses in Ward 2 for many years now; he is the one who made the expanded patios and strEATeries happen. These are only the latest results of his hands on leadership in support of the fabric of our diverse community.

He understands the fine balance between residential and commercial uses, and there is no one I have met in civic governance who is more dedicated than Randy Downs.”

Daniel Kramer
Managing Partner, Duke’s Grocery

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“Randy is a champion for service workers and others disproportionally impacted by COVD-19. He physically helped us build our strEATery during the COVID crisis while guiding us through the complex process of applying for DC grants that ensured our survival. Randy has endless energy, enthusiasm, empathy, compassion, and intelligence.

He is exactly who we need on the Council to guide the Ward and the city out of our current crisis. I whole-heartily and enthusiastically endorse Randy Downs for Ward 2.”

Chef Mikko Kosonen
Owner, Mikko Nordic Fine Foods

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Randy was instrumental in getting our strEATery set up and approved, allowing us to safely employ and safely serve our community. With all that is going on, it is reassuring that he has our backs and will continue to advocate for our diverse community.

Jamie Leeds
Owner and Chef, Hank’s Oyster Bar – Hank’s Cocktail Bar – Hank and Mitzis Italian Kitchen


“Randy is always checking in to make sure we have the resources we need to stay in business and support our workers. 

He’s a familiar face in the neighborhood that I trust and I trust him to work for all of Ward 2 when he’s on the Council.”

Debby Harper
Owner, Debby Harper Salon & Spa


“As co-founders of a DC start-up business, we have confidence in Randy’s ability to foster smart growth and seize opportunities to enrich our neighborhood with businesses, stores, and restaurants. Randy will work with local leaders and residents to foster a brighter future for our community.”

Thomas Sanchez & Anthony Shop
Co-Founders & Owners, Social Driver


“Randy has been a reliable resources for us before and during the pandemic. As a new business in Dupont Circle, the past year has been challenging, but we are relieved to have Randy help us navigate complicated government processes.

We’re happy to support Randy’s campaign for Ward 2 Councilmember.”

Yunhan Zhang

Owner, Valley Brook Tea

LGBTQ Leaders

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“I have seen how hard Randy works for the community. He gives so much of himself to Ward 2 and the District, especially to the LGBTQ community. I am proud to support Randy for Ward 2.

Tyrone Hanley
LGBTQ Community Leader


“For years I’ve fought alongside Randy for the most critical needs of the LGBTQ community. I know Randy will never leave our community behind. I am proud to support Randy for Ward 2 Councilmember.”

Monika Nemeth
The District’s first Transgender elected official – Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, 3F06

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“For years Randy has worked for Ward 2 residents. He helped local DC-owned businesses thrive, especially through the pandemic, and has proven himself as a local leader in everything from the environment, to LGBTQ issues, to public safety, to transportation. Randy needs to be on the Council to further his work in helping the residents of Ward 2 and the entire city.”

Van Goodwin
Former President of the Equality Chamber of Commerce

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“Randy has always been a positive force working towards a better community. He’s used his platform to better understand everyone that he represents. I support him because he supports everyone.”

Dusty Martinez
General Manager of Trade

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“For the past two years, I’ve worked alongside Randy as a fellow ANC Commissioner and friend. Together we’ve advocated for LGBTQ budget priorities at the Council level and he worked with me to found the LGBTQ ANC Rainbow Caucus promoting LGBTQ rights. I’m proud to endorse Randy Downs for Ward 2 Councilmember and I know, as the only LGBTQ Councilmember, he’ll ensure that our community is never left behind.”

Japer Bowles
Founder of the LGBTQ ANC Rainbow Caucus


“Randy knows Ward 2 after serving four years as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner. He’s a long-time DC voter and will bring a true new voice, which is needed on the DC Council. Vote for LGBTQ Victory Fund endorsed Randy Downs for a better Ward 2 and city!”

John Klenert
Life-long LGBTQ Activist and Advocate


“Randy Downs’ track record of advocating and advancing greater LGBTQ+ protections in DC is the type of leadership we need on the DC Council.

I strongly support Randy’s bid to be the next Ward 2 Councilmember. Together, I know we can help make DC a better place for LGBTQ+ youth, especially our youth of color.”

Mysiki Valentine
Candidate for At-large Representative of the DC State Board of Education

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“Randy is always the first to lend a hand and solve a problem when people are in need. He’s a huge advocate for the trans community and he will be an asset for all when he’s on the Council.”

Consuella Lopez
Prominent DC Trans Activist and Small Business Leader


“Randy Downs showed up for my safe streets advocacy, he showed up for Deaf people in DC, and it’s time we show up to help elect him as Ward 2 Councilmember.

His compassion and determination to get things done is incredible. He would deliver a much-needed fresh, ethical, and bold start for Ward 2 residents. We should do everything we can to support Randy Downs’ campaign to represent Ward 2 on the DC Council.”

Robb Dooling
Advocate for the deaf, hard of hearing, and LGBTQ communities


“Randy has been actively engaged with the Rainbow History Project and the annual High Heel Race which ensures that LGBTQ history continues to be made in this inclusive neighborhood. His successful efforts to install permanent rainbow crosswalks at 17th and P Streets reflects his deft ability to work with government stakeholders to deliver tangible results.”

Marc Langston
The Rainbow History Project 


“I could not be more PROUD to support Randy for Council. He’s always stood strong on issues of racial justice and inclusion, economic fairness, and clean and safe communities for ALL – even before it was cool. We know Randy, and we know that he’s the best choice for Ward 2.”

Chris Fisher
LGBTQ Democratic Congressional Staff Member

Community Leaders

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“While I served the country under three sitting presidents, I served with the interests of the American people in mind. That is why I immediately identified with Randy. He clearly has a passion for the policies he’s pursuing, something the DC Council needs more of. 

More importantly, Randy has a track record of compassionate policymaking where he listens to residents’ interests before making decisions that will impact them most. This election is important for all offices up and down the ballot, and I believe Randy is the obvious choice to represent Ward 2 on the DC Council.”

Dick Clarke
Former White House National Security Council & United States National Security Expert

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“Time and again Randy has proven his commitment to making ANC2B healthier and more equitable while redefining expectations for public servants at the local level.

As our next Councilmember, I am confident Randy will look out for Ward 2 and will make all wards of our city more walkable, livable, and loveable.”

William Herbig
Candidate to represent ANC2B05

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“Randy’s advocacy and stewardship of the 17th Street corridor in Dupont Circle inspired me to run for ANC.


We need that local knowledge and experience on the DC Council to fight for all of our neighborhoods.”

Matthew Holden
Candidate to represent ANC2B08


“I strongly endorse Randy Downs for Ward 2 Councilmember. I believe his energy, attentiveness, and coalition building skills are critical for elevating the profile of Ward 2’s arts & cultural scene.

He’s easy to work with, has a solid base of trusted leaders within the Ward, and has shown as an ANC2B commissioner what he’s capable of accomplishing when he’s on the Council.”

Aaron DeNu
President Dupont Festival, Board of Directors Dupont Underground, Advisory Heurich House

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“I’ve always been impressed by Randy’s commitment to the neighborhood and bringing in new voices. His passion for improving our community and fighting climate change are immediately apparent. 

When I was first thinking about running for ANC, he was ready to answer all of my questions and help prepare me to serve the people.”

Mo Pasternak
Candidate to represent ANC2B04


“I’m excited to endorse Randy Downs because I know he cares deeply about our community. He has the ability to work with residents and elected officials to tackle important issues and build a thriving community that works for everyone.”

Martín Diego Garcia
Director of Campaigns, Latino Victory


“I’ve gotten to know Randy as an important figure of the community. Randy has built meaningful relationships with our neighbors. I know Randy is committed to listening to residents, like me, and will work tirelessly to promote a community that is safe, clean, and welcoming.”

Sabrina Altem
Resident & Condo Owner, The General Scott

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