Washington, D.C. – Patrick Kennedy, former Democratic candidate to represent Ward 2 on the DC Council and current Foggy Bottom Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, endorsed Randy Downs’ campaign for Ward 2 Councilmember today.

“I strongly endorse Randy Downs in the general election for D.C. Council in Ward 2,” said Commissioner Kennedy. “This election is exceptional; the District faces its most challenging set of circumstances in a generation and I’m proud to be able to support candidates like Randy that I know will rise to the occasion.”

“I’ve seen Randy take on any number of challenges and advance a strong vision for addressing them. He has done the difficult work of shoe-leather community engagement, coalition building, and organizing. We need people on the Council with his sensibilities and skills, people who are grounded in our communities, who will never lose touch with them, and who will work collaboratively with them on issues from schools to housing and everything in-between,” Commissioner Kennedy continued.

“Priorities, more than rhetoric, are the single biggest distinguishing factor in elections for a city like ours where residents and aspiring candidates broadly share the same values. That being the case, it’s an enormous problem that our city has not had an elected LGBTQ member of Council for more than five years.”

“In my own campaign for Ward 2, I was the beneficiary of a great deal of trust that I was humbled to receive and not certain that I deserved from members of the community, but when it comes to LGBTQ issues in particular there isn’t a substitute (even the best ally) for having a strong, capable voice in the room where decisions are made whose lived experiences connect them innately to the consequences of policy choices affecting LGBTQ residents. Randy is that voice, and as we stare down the possibility of a painful few budget cycles, he is needed more than ever to safeguard the interests of vulnerable members of the LGBTQ community at the Wilson Building.”

“We can’t know with certainty what challenges will face our elected leaders in the years to come, but we can elect exceptional people who are best positioned to meet them. Randy’s life experiences are a testament to strong character and overcoming the odds; I know the values that center him, and I am confident that he will make Ward 2 proud. I hope that you will join me and entrust him with your vote.”

For immediate release: October 13, 2020

Contact: press@randyforward2.com