Washington, D.C. – On Wednesday, Randy Downs, a community leader and environmental and LGBTQ activist, announced his candidacy for Ward 2 Councilmember.

“I’m running as an independent for Ward 2 Councilmember because I believe we need bold, ethical leadership on the Council,” said Downs. “A leader to address inequities and make Ward 2 accessible for everyone, while protecting what works in our communities.”

Randy knows that people are working to stay healthy in the midst of the pandemic, all while struggling to pay rent and keep their jobs or their businesses open.

“We need to meet this moment with bold, fast action. When the pandemic struck, I immediately worked to expand sidewalks to create space for social distancing. And when it was safe to reopen, I helped Ward 2 restaurants build out parklettes for customers to eat outside. We need more leaders on the Council who listen to what residents and local businesses need during this health emergency in an increasingly expensive city.”

Randy has spent his career advocating for policies to protect the environment by building nationwide grassroots networks with the Sierra Club.

“The District vowed to meet 100% renewable energy and sustainability goals by 2030. We need a leader at the Council who will make sure the city follows through on these promises,” said Downs. “I’ve been an activist on the ground and I’ve built grassroots coalitions for the past nine years to advocate for policies to promote clean air, clean water, and sustainable energy initiatives.”

Since moving to the District in 2011, Randy has called Dupont Circle home. In addition to championing environmental issues, he has been a leader in the LGBTQ community, advocating for protections and resources.

“While DC has the most LGBTQ residents per capita of any city in the United States, the Council has no LGBTQ members to champion protections for the community. I demanded action from the city to stop discrimination and violence against LGBTQ residents and advocated for affordable housing for LGBTQ seniors. The Council needs a leader who’s not just an ally, but who is a member of this proud community.”

Through his activism and volunteerism, Randy has built deep connections with Ward 2 residents and businesses. He has served as a two-time elected Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner in Dupont Circle. He led initiatives to improve Ward 2’s streets for pedestrians, bicyclists, scooter users, and drivers. Randy understands the need for progressive transportation infrastructure initiatives to achieve the District’s goals of zero traffic deaths.

Connect with Randy on Twitter (@RandyDaleDowns), Facebook (@RandyforWard2), and Instagram (@RandyforWard2).

Randy currently represents ANC – 2B05 and lives on 17th Street in Dupont Circle with his partner, Dylan, and cat, Truman.


Randy for Ward 2 Campaign

For immediate release: July 22, 2020

Contact: press@randyforward2.com