Washington, D.C. – Randy Downs, candidate to represent Ward 2 on the DC Council released the following statement.

“I am reiterating my call for Richard Trogisch to be reinstated as principal of School Without Walls. Every day that goes by in this uncertain situation is creating more instability and stress for the school and the community.

The students, parents, and teachers of School Without Walls deserve answers for why Principal Richard Trogisch was removed. The community needs answers and transparency now.

In a time of intense disruption to the lives of students, parents, and teachers, the removal of a Principal who brings stability, passion, and understanding is causing increased stress to our community. I will continue to work with students, parents, and teachers to make this right.

It is clear that this community cares deeply about Principal Trogisch. I saw this passion with my own eyes at an early morning rally on Thursday at the School Without Walls at Francis-Stevens where students made emotional pleas to have a member of their family return to their school.

I also witnessed a continued rallying call on Friday afternoon at the School Without Walls High School. It is clear that the community is hurting and is fed up with a lack of transparency from the city.

We must work together to ensure our voices are heard especially at this uncertain time. I’m standing with the School Without Walls community and the Washington Teachers Union to demand answers now.”

For immediate release: October 9, 2020

Contact: press@randyforward2.com