Jobs and Small Businesses

As a former service industry worker and restaurant manager, I know how small businesses struggle to keep their doors open in a tough market and an expensive city. Even before the pandemic, Ward 2’s commercial corridors were dealing with high vacancies as rents went up and business owners pinched and saved to get by.

Through my service on Dupont Circle’s Advisory Neighborhood Commission, I have built trusted relationships with small and large businesses, as well as their workers. I understand the value of Ward 2’s commercial corridors and how they make our neighborhoods a destination for people across the city and region. Whether through the creation of “streateries” to expand outdoor dining during the pandemic, or partnering on events with local businesses to raise awareness of LGBTQ issues, I’m proud of my work in Ward 2 to think outside the box so that businesses thrive, employees are supported, and our community continues to grow.

As your Councilmember, I will:
  • Make sure that DC’s Department of Employment Services is well resourced and held accountable to effectively help people find work and support people who are unemployed.
  • Ensure robust small business grants are available throughout the duration of the pandemic and in the immediate recovery period.
  • Work together with Business Improvement Districts, Main Streets organizations, and city agencies to activate shared spaces, allowing businesses to operate safely and responsibly now and in the future.
  • Listen to individual communities on the best way to support thriving commercial corridors.