Democracy and Voting Rights

The foundation of our democracy is the promise we keep to voters that elections are safe, accessible, and fair. Covid-19 changed many parts of our daily lives and our elections are no exception. At a time when we’re trying to avoid large crowds, the last place many want to be is standing in line at a polling center. 

It’s not just the mechanics of voting, but our local electoral system should be changed as well to fully embody democratic values. Candidates who are elected to represent the Ward on every key issue should win a majority of votes, not just a plurality. I look forward to reviewing and reforming the District’s voting policies so that we can ensure that voting is safe, fair, and truly democratic.

As your Councilmember, I will:
  • Work to ensure mail-in voting is available– and works– for every voter in the District.
  • Support ranked choice voting.
  • Make sure the DC Board of Elections has the resources to lead robust, safe, and secure election efforts.