Sustainability and the Environment

We are experiencing a climate crisis that will negatively impact almost every aspect of our lives and threaten the future of our planet. Energy costs will get more expensive, food supply chains will be threatened, and temperatures will rise. Every resident, especially low-income and homeless residents, will be put at risk if we don’t act immediately.

The District vowed to meet 100% renewable energy and sustainability goals by 2032, but we need a leader at the Council who will make sure the city follows through. I’ve been an activist on the ground and I’ve built grassroots coalitions for the past nine years to advocate for policies to promote clean air, clean water, and sustainable energy initiatives. 

As an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner in Dupont Circle, I’ve led on issues to incentivize use of sustainable transportation and make walking, biking, and public transportation more accessible.

Building green was at the forefront of my priorities when developers came before ANC2B to pitch new designs. Building green should be the baseline for the future of development, not something to work towards.

As the President of the Friends of Stead Park, I successfully advocated for funding for a 100% environmentally sustainable community center. I am committed to investing in our parks and green public spaces, especially at a time when we’re using outdoor spaces as a safe place to meet and exercise more than ever before.

Incremental change is inadequate to meet the challenges we face in curbing the climate crisis. It’s time for Ward 2 to have a leader with a bold vision to drive efforts to fight climate change and promote healthy communities.

As your Councilmember, I will:
  • Work to ensure DC meets its 100% renewable energy and sustainability goals by 2032.
  • Incentivize use of climate-friendly transport and make walking, biking, and public transportation more accessible.
  • Conserve energy by building green, using less, and building out infrastructure to withstand the challenges of a changing climate.
  • Increase the District’s tree canopy to improve air quality and decrease heat islands in many parts of the city.