Community-Focused Public Safety

The District should approach public safety with policies that are based on evidence. We should not entrust the safety of our communities with purely reactive measures but instead, invest in preventing crime and violence before they start. Councilmembers must listen to residents and experts and explore innovative, public health approaches proven to interrupt the cycle of violence and crime.

As your Councilmember, I will:
  • Reallocate resources from police to underfunded, highly needed services that are backed by evidence showing their effectiveness in reducing violence and crime. These include: mental health, social work, and crisis intervention services, violence interruption programs, and homelessness street outreach services to help people apply for housing and needed documentation.
  • Advocate to ban stop and frisk, an overly invasive policing tactic that disproportionately targets black and brown residents.
  • Work to decriminalize sex work, an issue that disproprtionately affects LGBTQ individuals and their future ability to obtain jobs, housing, and other basic needs.