In Ward 2 and beyond, our restaurants, bars, and hotels serve us daily, employ our residents, and drive our District economy. Ward 2 has more hospitality establishments than any other Ward in the District, and preserving the viability of our restaurants, bars, and hotels through and beyond COVID-19 must be a top priority for Ward 2 leadership. 

COVID-19 has cost thousands of workers in the District’s hospitality industry and other industries their jobs, threatening their ability to pay the rent and feed their families. For those who are still employed, safety concerns are high and workers deserve protections so they do not have to choose between their jobs and their health. 

As Ward 2 Councilmember, Randy Downs will implement creative plans to ensure that our local hospitality industry and its workers are supported through the challenges of COVID-19 to come out strong on the other side.

Impacted Workers

Read Randy’s Plan on Resiliency for Workers Through and Beyond COVID-19.

Hospitality Industry

Read Randy’s Plan on Resiliency for the Hospitality Industry Through and Beyond COVID-19.


Randy’s plan outlines how we can get the District’s unemployment system back on track, guarantees safety for those who are continuing to work, and supports our hospitality industry through and beyond COVID-19.

But don’t just take our word for it: Randy Downs is proud to have the endorsement of many incredible Ward 2 businesses.

“Randy has helped us out immensely. He has helped us get this strEATery open, he’s helped us maintain employment, and frankly, I don’t know where we’d be if he hadn’t helped us so much.”

Jamie Branda
Owners, Floriana Restaurant

“Randy was really here for our community and our business when the pandemic hit. He helped us navigate the sometimes, often, complicated systems of the government. He helped us get permits, and understanding rules and regulations.”

Georgia Katinas
General Manager, Annie’s Paramount Steakhouse

“This pandemic has been pretty rough, but we are so lucky he has been on our side[…] When elected he will be the only openly queer member of the DC council.”

Jessie Jackson
General Manager, JR’s Bar

“We are big fans of Randy. He is a great advocate for the neighborhood, and for the community itself.”

Mehtap Demirci
General Manager, Agora DC Restaurant

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